10 Video Games that Insulted Gamers Intelligence


People who play video games usually get a bad reputation. They are too-often seen as Dorito-eating basement dwelling nerds that spend too many hours each day playing all types of different games. The truth is that the gaming community is filled with smart and sophisticated gamers that are looking for an immersive experience within the games that they play. Games have really evolved over the years, giving players more to do, more to explore, and more ways to play their favorite titles. This has created a world of smart gamers, looking for the next challenge, and seeing what video game companies have to offer them in terms of games, gameplay, and sophistication.

Because of this, there have been many games that have insulted the intelligence of players. Too many times video game companies have duped players, created poor games, and tried to pass something off that it wasn’t. This includes huge gaming franchises like Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon and the Batman Arkham series as well as the 2015 version of Star Wars: Battlefront. Not only does it make players never want to play the game, but it leaves a sour taste for any sequels or spin-offs that will eventually come out. When games cost upwards of $60 to $100, this can create a huge dent in the wallet and impact a lot of the gaming in the future. Take a stroll through gaming history to see how players were insulted – and still are being insulted by the video game industry.