10 Video Games That Look Terrible But Are Actually Amazing


Great graphics can truly make or break a video game. Graphic issues have led to the downfall of titles and the death franchises. In rare cases, some video games have had the ability to rise above their poor graphics and still deliver an incredible game. Whether it’s console limitations, poor game design, or annoying glitches, the following ten games won’t win any awards in the art department. Even some of your favorite franchises have suffered from poor graphics. Yes, we’re talking to you Mario.

The range of these games covers all types of genres. This includes racing games, platform titles, adventure games, and licensed franchises like Star Wars. Luckily for many of these games, the amazing gameplay was included in future releases that also showcased improved graphics and eliminated all of the limitations of the original release. While console limitations caused a number of the graphic issues, each game has improved versions that were released on the same console. Looking back now, it’s easy to judge the graphics, but they were still pretty poor at the initial time of release. The games, including an NFL hit, still managed to sell millions of copies and impress even the most critical of gamers.