10 Video Games That Shamelessly Ripped Off Super Mario


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes it goes way too far and you end up ripping something off entirely. Now Super Mario is one of the most recognizable video game franchises in the world, standing alongside Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. With such a high level of fame, imitators are sure to follow. You see this all the time in other facets of media. People making rip offs of famous movies, TV shows and games. In fact, some movie studios make an entire living off of making cheap rip offs of the latest summer blockbusters. Other terms that fall close to rip off including the words reference and homage, but today we will be looking at some of the more obvious cases of people ripping off Super Mario.


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These kinds of games don’t even shy away from being complete rip offs of the Super Mario franchise, whether that is with the name, the aesthetics, the gameplay or all three. These are some of the most shameless rip offs of Super Mario we could find. Now let us be clear, Mario does not own the concept of platforming, but there are some games on this list that will make you wonder “what were these guys thinking?” If you liked this video, let us know with a like. Do you know of a bad Mario rip off that we didn’t mention? Let us know down in the comments. Don’t forget to follow TheGamer on Facebook to catch up on the latest and most engaging videos on the games you love.