10 Video Games Where You Cant Die

Sometimes video games can be way too difficult. You can find plenty of games with a wide variety of challenge depending on the goal of the game. Some want to offer you a relaxing unique experience while others will make you rage quit.

The newest entry in the Everybody’s Golf series offers a very relaxing experience on Golf Island. If you are looking for something a little more scary, the Bioshock series has often invented interesting ways to keep your hero from dying. Maybe you are no good at golf but still want a chill gaming experience? Animal Crossing has always been the perfect escape for gamers of any age.

Earthbound is a cult classic, starring 4 kids on an incredible adventure. Something more challenging than dodging bullets in a war could be trying to convince your family that you are a normal human father and not an Octopus in Octodad. Skip the Pokemon battles and spend your time taking photos in Pokemon Snap. In one of the earliest indie success stories, Braid, you have the ability to rewind time to avoid dying. In more violent games, a pretty big mess can be left behind and Viscera Cleanup Detail lets you be the janitor tasked with cleaning the mess. Ghost Trick has you playing as someone who already died and is trying to serve their own murder. Dark Souls II may be one of the hardest games ever made, but did you know you never technically die? Without further ado, here are 10 video games where you can’t die! Enjoy!