10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Wario

Do you hate to lose? So do we which is why we wanted to be the first to bring you these 10 weird facts about Wario! Contrary to popular belief, Wario isn’t actually Mario’s evil twin. They’re just two childhood friends, one of which holds a grudge for a long time. Wario’s inspiration may have came seven years before he was designed from Foreman Spike in Wrecking Crew. Wario’s grudge with Mario may actually be because of his broken heart. Does our villain have a soft spot for Peach?

Another popular opinion is that Wario was first seen in a comic book panel, but it was actually a video game with a backstory created one year later in a follow-up comic book. Wario’s backstory went on for 16 years before it was fully fleshed out and we learned everything we could about the grumpy evil Mario counterpart. Wario may even have had a secret battle with alcoholism which he overcame as proved in Wario Land 2. It wasn’t the design that came first, but it was actually his name. Fans were delighted when they discovered Wario could be played in Super Smash Bros. Brawl only to discover that he was almost made for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Another thing many people believe is that Wario and Waluigi are related, but it turns out they’re just tennis partners. Wario Land seems to be an integral part of what made Super Mario Odyssey feel like such a classic throwback. If the bunny bosses aren’t enough proof, just take a step back and replay the Wario Land series to see what we mean. Join us now as we take a look at 10 weird Wario facts!