10 X Box Two Rumors That Will Blow You Away

Gamers are always looking ahead to the future and so are the companies developing them. This is why even though the launch of the Xbox One X just happened, fans are already speculating about the potential features in a future console referred to, in this video, as the Xbox Two.

One of the features Microsoft is developing is known as IllumiRoom. The technology would dramatically change the way video game content is visualized. VR and AR technology have both become a big part of wireless devices and they will also become a huge part of home gaming consoles in the future. Following in the footsteps of Steam, the Xbox Two would have a big indie game focus allowing gamers to play all types of titles from around the world. A number of triple A titles could make big premieres on the console including Halo. Microsoft’s HoloLens could be one of the big add-ons with the system and feature a number of different games. Not only will you be able to connect with Xbox players, but possibly PC players as well. The release is likely several years away, but it can be pinned down based on past years. Content options may take a dramatic shift from discs and onto other content. The backwards compatibility will likely feature digital downloads and compilations of older titles. No word yet on a possible console design, but it will likely be PC-based. Watch to see all of these crazy Xbox Two rumors that will blow you away!