10 You Tubers Who Broke Video Games In Delightfully Crazy Ways


In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to go through all of YouTube to find the very best gaming channels. YouTubers have changed the name of the game in delightfully crazy and unique ways. We’ll start off this list with JackSepticEye who was more excited to play Cuphead than anyone else we’ve ever seen and he gives a delightful commentary in his Irish accent. Markiplier is another YouTube sensation who always has crazy hair and amazing voiceover skills. We also love that he’s constantly doing live streams for charity. PewDiePie is an international sensation. Even though he has a mouth worse than a sailor, he’s still pretty entertaining to watch.

Roosterteeth is a group of friends, or that’s how they initially began, but now they do everything from Let’s Plays to their own animated shorts. OfficialNerdCubed became well-known because of his amazing video editing skills, but quickly rose to fame because of his hilarious commentary. TheAngryVideoGameNerd is much completely different than anything else we’ve seen. Plus, he likes to review gaming consoles older than we are which is cool. TheRadBrad had a humble start and he’s still the same down to earth guy as he was before his YouTube success. Dashiegames is loud and proud of where he came from and there’s just something endearing about the hat. TobyGames is a comedic genius we just can’t seem to get enough of, especially his Minecraft playthrough series. CaptainSparklez doesn’t just sing but he can also play video game, and he plays them pretty well if you ask us. Let’s check out these 10 YouTubers who made video game channels worth watching!