15 Worst Video Game Marketing Fails In History

Video game marketing is tricky. You’re trying to appeal to the mass of gamers while showing your games and people who enjoy playing them. Sometimes, video game companies take things a little too far. This has happened with Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and several smaller gaming companies.

Sony held a special party to promote their God of War II release and included a dead goat in the mix. Splinter Cell: Conviction featured a strange marketing campaign where a man entered a bar with a gun. The PSP White Model was released with a completely racist advertising campaign. The original Mega Man box art represented nothing the game was actually about. EA held a fake protest for Dante’s Inferno. Xbox One announced some pretty interesting requirements for their next-gen system. The makers of Skyrim used their unique release date to create a crazy situation. The Hitman franchise released a Facebook app that allowed you to virtually kill off friends. THQ thought it would be a good idea to release hundreds of red balloons for a war game. The Wii U ads were notoriously bad and geared only towards young children. There was once a Resident Evil butcher shop which featured fake human body parts. Dead Space 2 used the cliché of horrified mothers to present their game. N-Gage wasn’t only a big flop, but it exploited women at the same time! Free gas is a great promotion until you cause widespread traffic issues. Acclaim decided to promote Shadowman 2 with ads on actual graves. Watch to see the WORST marketing fails in history.