5 Best New Play Station 4 Pro Accessories Under $25

Purchasing the new Playstation 4 Pro is a great way to enjoy 4K gaming and all the perks that come with it, but there are numerous accessories you can pair with the system. After spending around $400 on the console itself, your budget may not have a lot of room for accessories and extras. Thankfully, there five BRAND NEW accessories you can purchase for under $25. Each accessory will really help breathe new life into the console and allow you to make the most out of the PS4 Pro.

After paying so much for the console, you want to ensure it stays protected. The PS4 Pro black carbon fiber skin protector can do that. The protector will prevent the console from getting scratches or other damage. It applies easily to the system and is really helpful in preventing damage to the corners. If you’re looking for different way to display your console, then consider using a PS4 Pro vertical stand. These stands will allow the console to fit in different areas on the entertainment system. Keep your controllers close-by and fully charged with the DualShock 4 charging station. You don’t have to worry about long cords or other issues when using the station. Get better control of your game and the way you play with anti-slip controller grips and thumb grips. These controller upgrades are ideal for intense gaming sessions and can dramatically improve the performance you have. Eliminate annoying voice issues using the TIER1 Tactical Communicator. Watch to see the 5 best new PS4 Pro accessories under $25!