5 Best New X Box One X Accessories Under $25


The Xbox One X has launched and fans of the incredible new system are eagerly awaiting Black Friday to get their hands on some awesome accessories. The system is already a powerhouse packed with cool features and some truly impressive tech but there are also a ton of add-ons out there to enhance the gaming experience even further. With the new, yet similar, design of the console, many accessories that fit the original and the S versions of the consoles might not work with the new system. There are new licensed versions of those products coming from Microsoft and numerous third-party companies jumping at the chance to offer products that fill gaps in the console accessory market.

There are, of course, many options when it comes to high-end peripherals and gadgets for the Xbox One X. External hard drives are a favorite as well as the Official Elite controllers, but those items are certainly pricey. Maybe you have a loved-one or friend who has an Xbox One X and you’re looking for a gift for that person. There are many options available for all sorts of accessories that are far less expensive than that eight terabyte external hard drive they’ve requested in writing from Santa. Perhaps, you have this new powerhouse of a system and are just looking for a little customization; some flair to show off when your friends come over. Or maybe you just want to show your new baby some affection to let it know how much you appreciate its ability to let you game in 4k. Either way, there is a cornucopia of great items for less that 25 dollars that can take the Xbox One X to the next level.