5 Game Boy Clones Better Than The Original

DESCRIPTION: Nintendo consoles regularly kill it- but there HAVE been a few missteps. Virtual Boy, anyone? But when they released the Game Boy there was tons of hype. Somehow, someway, even though the hardware was lacking in all the wrong places, The Nintendo Game Boy won the battle of on the go gamers based mainly on the sheer power of the games themselves. Quality games can get you over the hump! So that’s why when we go back and want to play those games, advances in technology have brought Game Boy into a better place. By using “clones” of Game Boys (essentially modded Game Boy hardware) gamers have been able to improve the experience by a LOT. Today we’re going to look at these game boy clones and game boy advance clones: GB Boy Color, the Super Retro Boy, Exeq GameBox, Woodi GBA, and the Revo K101 Plus.

What do you think? Did we miss any clones of Nintendo’s Game Boy and Game Boy Advance? Can you think of any other game boy mods?