5 Things Gamers Should Never Be Ashamed Of

Being a gamer comes with a lot of slack. The media has painted a picture of gamers as fat men with neckbeards who live in their parents’ basement and wear fedoras in public. While there are some gamers who fit this description, the vast majority of us are nothing like this stereotype. This has made some gamers a bit self-conscious about their favourite hobby when it is nothing to worry about. It’s very possible to be a gamer while having an active lifestyle and even being in a relationship. Yeah, we went there, gamers are actually normal people! One thing is for sure, you should never feel ashamed of yourself because you’re a gamer. In fact, it is actually amazing to be a gamer.

Some of us have a very large video game collection and we’re kinda shy about it. It’s not because we’re ashamed about it, it’s just really big and people will think we have an obsession with video games. Some people like to go clubbing on Saturday nights while other like to play video games and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay not to be very good at a game and it’s okay to be accepting of your ineptitude. If you have more friends online than in real life, that’s fine. We all make friends by engaging in our hobbies. Most of all, you should never be ashamed to admit you’re a gamer regardless of the stigma surrounding it. Without further ado, here are 5 things gamers should never be ashamed of!