5 Things Princess Peach Can Do That Princess Daisy Can't


PEACH, the OG Princess and Daisy, the tag along imitator. These flowery gals may both be part of Nintendo royalty, but one is better than the other.

In this list, we look at some things Peach can do that Daisy can’t! Who do you think is the better princess? Let us know down in the comments!


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There are two kinds of people in this world. There are innovators and then there are imitators. This can be seen all over the place. PC and then Mac, Disney and Dreamworks, Superman and Captain Marvel. The Mario franchise is not immune to this trend. We have opposites like Mario and Wario, and then we have Peach, the innovator and Daisy, the imitator. Want to know why Daisy is an imitator? Because when she was first shown in Super Mario Land, people mistook her for Peach! There is no denying this simple fact; Peach is better than Daisy.

Of course, merely saying this and not backing it up with any kind of evidence can just be written off as subjective. But we here at TheGamer are better than that, which is why we will be going down, point by point as to why Peach is the “Best Princess”. Luckily, thanks to hours and hours of strenuous research and trials, we have devised a list of topics that prove, without a shadow of a doubt that Peach is better than Daisy. What are some of these topics? Well the fact Daisy is not even in Super Smash Bros. is a great place to start. Yeah sure she might have slapped Bowser into the sun in Mario Party 3, but Peach has done that too and more!

Who do you think is the Best Princess? Let us know down in the comments. If you liked this video, be sure to give it a like and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest lists on the games you love to play, only on TheGamer.