5 Times Horror Games Took Scares Too Far


Sure, a good horror movie can be scary, but there’s something downright terrifying about being immersed in a great horror video game!

From twisted scenarios, to brilliantly gory graphics, to immersive VR, horror games are exploding in popularity for thrill seekers!

This is TheGamer’s list of 5 times horror games took their scares too far!


-What is the scariest game you’ve ever played?

-Does VR make horror games better or worse?

-What was your all-time scariest gaming moment?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Video game graphics are so good today that it’s easy to totally lose yourself in a beautifully rendered game, but when you sink to deep into a horror game the results can be downright terrifying!

With incredible titles available to play either on the big screen TV or in VR, the scares in horror games can quickly turn from being a fun surprise to a scream-inducing terror attack!

Sometimes the fear comes from the jump-scares as a gruesome monster leaps at you from the shadows, other times, it’s the psychological terror as you’re out of ammo and forced to hide from a demented killer or disfigured zombie hoping they don’t spot you. We understand horror games aren’t for everyone, but if you love a good scare every now and then, this is the video for you. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but we feel even the scardiest of cats will enjoy this one.

Either way, horror games have gotten REALLY good in the last few years and this is TheGamer’s top 5 times horror games took their scares too far! If you enjoyed this video, leave a like and like our Facebook page to keep up with all our awesome content!