5 Video Game Glitches That Became Features


Mistakes and Glitches. When developing a video game, it’s inevitable that some mistakes will be made along the way, but sometimes these glitches can be so good they become integral features of the game.

This is The Gamer’s list of video game glitches that became features. Which of these glitches have you had the pleasure of utilizing? Are there any glitches we missed? Lets us know in the comments section below!


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Even though video game developers spend millions of dollars developing a game, mistakes and glitches are still inevitable. There is always room for improvement and mistakes that slip beneath the radar, no matter the developer’s best intentions. Considering that creating a video game is such an intensive endeavor, it’s surprising that games don’t have more mistakes than they already do. That being said, some glitches in video games can actually improve the gameplay.

Developers can’t anticipate every aspect of their game prior to seeing the finished project which means that they can’t possibly know whether or not a glitch will improve gameplay overall. Sometimes it’s simply a happy accident that makes a game better even though it was completely unintentional. When that happens, developers can either leave the mistake in the game or get rid of it, depending on how they want gameplay to go.

Some developers, however, are fully aware of the glitches and mistakes in their title. They, instead, underestimate their fans and think that no one will notice or utilize the glitch. Fortunately for fans, that line of thinking has produced some of the best gameplay in video gaming history. In fact, some of these unintentional glitches actually morphed into complete games or entirely changed the gameplay of an intended title. Where would the video gaming industry be without these happy accidents? Well, for starters, we wouldn’t have the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise. Thanks to mistakes, the franchise went on to become wildly popular and now the world can enjoy GTA Online.