5 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Link


The man behind the HYAAA. Link is a man of few words, but has made a mark on gaming with the Legend of Zelda franchise. But who exactly is Link? Who voices him? What influenced him?

In this video, we look at 5 weird facts you never knew about Link. Let’s get a better look at the hero of time and how he links all these games together.


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Without uttering a word, Link has ascended to one of the most recognized figures in gaming. The Legend of Zelda series is rivaled only by Mario in terms of popularity within the Nintendo fandom. Like Mario and Pokemon, Link spans generations, finding humble beginnings on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986. Since then he has been saving the world of Hyrule, one game at a time. We have seen so much effort and history put into the land of Hyrule from the crystal shores of Lake Hylia to the Gerudo Valley, yet what do we know of Link himself?

Throughout the games he is known as the Hero of Time, the legendary hero who wields the blade of evil’s bane, but what do we know of the man behind the legend? Where did he come from? Well, He was born in Hyrule...sometimes, but what inspired The Legend of Zelda? Why the green hat? Why name the franchise the Legend of Zelda if Link does all the hard work? These are important things to consider. Of course, with all the Legend of Zelda lore out there, we could be here a while if we try and answer all of these questions. So how about we focus on just five. These are five weird facts about Link. If you have a juicy piece of Link trivia, leave it down in the comments. If you liked what you saw, be sure to give us a like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest gaming content on TheGamer.