5 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Toad


TOADS, they are everywhere but we often rarely look at them. They have been with us from the beginning, but today, we will look at the men in the big red and white mushroom caps.

In this video, we will be counting down some of the little known facts about Toad.


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You have seen them everywhere, but often don’t think of them or even look at them. Those short stubby mushroom headed citizens can be found all over the place. Toad is an odd character, but quite fitting in the Mushroom Kingdom. The loyal servants of Princess Peach are always there to lend a hand and also to tell you that the princess is in another castle. They don’t always speak, but when they do, it is often in that shrill and scratchy voice that is two parts annoying and one part endearing. Just like Link, Toad also has a very unique sound, but unlike Link, they are actually capable of forming complete sentences. Toads are a lot like minions actually. They all look alike with a few variations, seem to come out of nowhere with no reasonable explanation and...come to think about it, that’s about it. Toads are nothing like Minions. More to the point, what do we really know about thee mushroom capped henchmen? Where did they come from? How do they fit into the Mario franchise? Have you ever wondered what is under their hats or if that mushroom cap is a part of their head? Well, we intend to answer all of these questions and more in today’s video. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give us a like. Do you have a favorite fact about Toad? If so, leave it in the comments, we would really appreciate it. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all of the latest video game content here on TheGamer.