6 Painfully Cringey Moments In Minecraft

CRINGEY MINECRAFT MOMENTS. Minecraft is filled with a lot of great content, but there are times where you are embarrassed to be playing the game.

This is TheGamer's list of 6 painfully cringey moments In Minecraft.


What's the lamest thing you’ve ever seen in Minecraft?

What other cringey moments should be on this list?

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Minecraft is still played by millions of people all over the world, both on computers and consoles. No matter what type of version of Minecraft you’re playing, the game features some downright cringey moments. These are the moments you put the controller down, think twice about what you’re playing and may actually feel embarrassed for yourself.

Minecraft is filled with a lot of humor, but even some of the toilet jokes get taken too far. By analyzing different worlds and custom creations, it’s pretty cringeworthy to think of some of the creations people have made over the years, giant toilets included. Trolling has become the landscape of Minecraft, but some things get pushed a little too far in the lamest way possible. Swearing and setting fires is a little old by now. There is so much to do in Minecraft, why would ANYONE waste their precious gaming hours to sit there and have a digital character dance!? Things only get worse when mods are involved. Out of the dozens of servers available to play on, some of the ones to avoid are cracked servers. These servers are basically filled with people too cheap to purchase the full Minecraft game. It doesn’t feel too great playing around with people who have illegal copies of the game and have gone out of their way to play online. Minecraft branched out with Minecraft Story Mode. The result is a lame attempt at a full-fledged game which ultimately takes away all the spirit of the original game. Watch to see all of these cringey moments and several others!