6 Pokemon Rip Offs That Got What They Deserved


POKEMON RIP OFFS. Pokemon took the video game world by storm with the release of Pokemon Red and Blue in 1998. With success comes imitation and we have seen some incredibly obvious Pokemon clones since then.

This is TheGamer’s list of 6 Pokemon rip offs that got what they deserved.


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Everyone has heard about Pokemon. It’s one of the rare franchises that’s recognizable to both gamers and non-gamers alike, but not just because of how adorable Pikachu is. From the anime to the trading card game to the video games, Pokemon has expanded to become the beast it is today. Due to the success of Pokemon, many other prospective TV shows and games wanted to emulate their formula. This led to many shows and video games about people and monsters working together to defeat a bad guy. Seriously, there were may too many of these. In fact, this trope was seen all over the place during the 90’s. As you will see in this video, some of these Pokemon clones were much better than others. There are a lot of complete Pokemon rip offs out there.

Digimon has a lot in common with Pokemon aside from the name. While they may have taken a lot of ideas from Pokemon, Digimon did surprisingly well as a franchise. Monster Rancher is a bit lesser known than Pokemon or Digimon, but it has the same premise. When we talk about Little Masters, we see a mobile game that is a shameless rip of of Pokemon. It’s just way too similar. Dragon Warrior Monsters is a spin-off of Dragon Quest that should never have happened. The original Robopon was simply Pokemon with robots until they decided to make their own game with the sequel. City Spirit Go is China’s answer to Pokemon Go and it’s just a replica of the game. Without further ado, here are 6 Pokemon RIP OFFS that got what they deserved!