6 Seriously Terrible Things Princess Daisy Has Done


SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE TRAITS OF PRINCESS DAISY. Some of you might be thinking how dare you call Princess Daisy terrible, but you might just change your opinion after you hear and see some of the things she’s done throughout her Nintendo career.

This is TheGamer's list of terrible things Princess Daisy has done. For better or for worse, we had to see if she was really the good guy...we mean princess, she claims to be.


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Princess Daisy has starred in over 60 games in the Mario franchise which means she’s the second leading lady of the popular game series. But is there something much darker about Daisy’s personality that we’ve missed after all this time? You’ll have to join us to see what we’ve uncovered!

Daisy got to be the star in the first (and only) live action film ever created for a Nintendo franchise game. Sure, it wasn’t very successful but, then again, they chose Daisy over Peach for the starring role and, who knows, maybe if Daisy didn’t steal the spotlight, the movie would have been better. Okay, who are we kidding, there wasn’t much to save the trainwreck the Super Mario Bros. movie was in 1993.

Daisy is a shallow character with very little depth to her, but the worst part is we just have to deal with it. She has Luigi, who is arguably one of the kindest and sweetest characters in the Mario series and yet, Daisy chooses to flirt with other characters to get her way. Shame on her for using her pretty looks to get what she wants.

Poor Luigi, he probably has no idea how flirtatious Daisy is. Oh, and did we mention Daisy is a cheater? No, silly, not that kind of a cheater, but she does like to cheat occasionally in games to tilt things in her favor. If you ever had the opportunity to play against Daisy in Fortune Street, we’re really sorry for her behavior, but maybe that’s who the true Daisy is? Maybe not. Either way you should check out our video to see 6 seriously terrible things Princess Daisy has done!