6 Things Mario Can Do That Luigi Can't


MARIO IS BETTER THAN LUIGI. It’s easy to cheer for the underdog in Luigi, but there’s no denying the power and heroism of Mario.

From careers to confrontations, Mario has the ability to out-do Luigi in a number of different categories. Not only is he the older brother, but he will always go down as the better brother. Who is your favorite Mario character? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Throughout the years, Mario and Luigi have often teamed up to take on bad guys and save the day, but it hasn’t always been that simple. People love to compare the brothers, debate their differences and see who is truly the best Mario bro in the franchise. Luigi is often praised for his “underdog” attributes, but there’s no denying Mario’s power as a huge leader.

Mario and Luigi have always been known as plumbers, but Mario has found the time to have a number of careers. He’s been a doctor, theme park owner, carpenter, toy maker and Olympic athlete among others. Luigi has pretty much just been a plumber. Mario games are always high-selling, but Luigi has had a few solo outings of his own. Even though Luigi’s Mansion was a launch game on the Gamecube, Super Mario Sunshine outshined his sales by a long shot. This trend continues on the Wii U with the release of New Super Luigi U. Throughout the years, Mario has achieved several great video game achievements. Luigi is either far down on these lists or not a part of the lists at all. Mario’s success only continues to shine. Everyone knows about Mario and Peach’s relationship, but Mario has had other relationships in the past as well and can always seem to woo the ladies. Luigi has had a few flirty moments with Daisy, but nothing as substantial as everything Mario has. Watch to see all 6 things Mario CAN do that Luigi CAN’T!