6 Times Luigi Destroyed Mario


Luigi has always been the shadow to Mario, but we’ve uncovered some things we feel Luigi actually destroys Mario at! Mr. L is one of the best villains in any Mario game series and his appearance in Super Paper Mario is proof of this. Sure, he hides his true identity from the gang but deep down they know how familiar Mr. L seems to be. But is that enough for Mario can beat Mr. L in the end?

Luigi switches up roles in Mario is Missing! and we were excited to see him get to play the hero. Mario probably didn’t feel the same way about taking the backseat in this game, but every once in awhile you have to let your younger brother shine! Luigi and Yoshi are quite the dynamic duo and have even been nicknamed the green team. They’re best friend status is much more evident in the cartoon series, but even in games like Mario is Missing! We see how important it is for Luigi to have a bestfriend like Yoshi.

Mario’s best girl gives Luigi two kisses for the price of one and Mario will just have to learn to live with the fact that maybe his brother is just a better kisser or even hero at the end of the game. Luigi and Mario even get into a fight in one of the scenes of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3, proving if Luigi wanted to, he could destroy his brother in a fight. Join us as we take a look at all the ways Luigi has destroyed his older brother’s ego and pride!