7 Lies You Were Told About XBOX


XBOX LIES YOU WERE TOLD. Xbox and Playstation have been vying for the top spot in the console wars, but it’s pretty hard to decide between the two when we all know PC gaming is better. Okay, we’re joking, of course, but Xbox has been known for their fair share of lying throughout the years.

This is TheGamer's list of the biggest lies told to gamers about the Xbox. So let’s check it out!


What was the biggest lie you heard about the Xbox console?

In your opinion, what has been the best Xbox exclusive game?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Xbox and Playstation have been in a console war for years, vying for the hearts of gamers everywhere. This all-out battle of the best means major companies like Sony and Microsoft have to tell a few white lies in order to gain the favor of their fans. So what are some of the lies told by Xbox?

Well, for starters this one ended up being a good lie because we all thought the Xbox One would go the route of the Playstation 4 as far as backward compatibility went. It turned out that this was a lie and Xbox users would only have to wait about two years to play their old Xbox 360 games.

Technology also serves as a reminder for citizens to be extra wary of their privacy rights, and the Kinect was one of the first products which could have undoubtedly broken quite a few laws concerning at home privacy. It was a camera which was set up with a perfect view of your living room, attach this with a microphone and it’s no wonder people everywhere were concerned Microsoft and Big Brother were in cahoots.

Most of us had seen the graphics of the games at the Xbox One launch and were completely floored for the release of the system only to later discover not many games would even have these great graphics and most of what we saw were no thanks to some amazing video graphic cards on a PC computer. The one redeeming game graphics-wise for Xbox was Forza, but it wasn’t entirely a lie the system couldn’t handle games in 1080p. So, let’s move on and see some major Xbox lies!