7 Star Wars Games That Should Be Adapted Into A Movie

The Star Wars universe has expanded well beyond the movie franchise throughout the years. Comic books, novels and television shows have all showcased the expansion of a galaxy far, far, away. There is also a whole genre of original video games dedicated to the Star Wars universe. As Disney branches out to create all types of Star Wars movies, there is plenty of content from video games they can use.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed not only introduced a new Jedi character, but the game series showcased some crazy new ways to use the force. Star Wars 1313 is a canceled video game from LucasArts that would have pushed the boundaries when it came to violence and story. The game would make a great story following the life of a bounty hunter. One of the most involved and detailed video game stories is the prequel known as Knights of the Old Republic. The third Star Wars Jedi Knight game focuses on the Jedi Academy and the training world would make a great feature film that shows the rise of a young student. One of the expansion packs released for The Old Republic was the Rise of the Hutt Cartel. It’s about time the Hutts get their own feature film. In Knights of the Force, a special Darth Maul mission follows his time as the leader of the Black Sun criminal syndicate. One of Star War’s silliest games is Star Wars Demolition, but the backstory behind the game has a lot of potential to create a gritty action film and adventure story. Watch to all how all seven games could be adapted into movies!