3 Games People Love To Hate, And 5 They Hate To Love


LOVE ‘EM OR HATE ‘EM. We all have opinions when it comes to video games, but there are just some games we absolutely despise either for their mechanics or their communities. Others we just flat out don’t like. Still there are some games we just love to hate on. Today we explore this spectrum and look at some games we love to hate and games we hate to love.

This is TheGamer’s list of 3 games people love to hate (and 5 they hate to love).


What game is your go to hate game?

What game do you just love to hate on?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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To hate something is easy, being negative is easy. Why though? Is it because having a good temperament and patience is a skill that takes a strong will and patience? Or does it just feel really good to let the pent up aggression and anger out? Even if you have been gaming for a short while, you probably have a game you absolutely hate. Whether it is because you hate shooters, or action RPGs, or perhaps you just don’t like puzzles.

However, maybe it goes a bit deeper than just genre and taste. Did a particular character just rustle your jimmies? Is the way the story is written just make you want to yell “That makes no f$#%ing sense!” Or is it something outside the game like a really toxic fandom? We have all been there my friend, trust us. In any case, we have those little games we just can’t stand. On the other hand, there are games out there that we just can’t help but love. We love them for a guilty pleasure, and hate the fact we like it, or these games might seem overplayed and even if they are good, we can’ help but appreciate them.

Whatever the reason, we have very strong feelings towards the things we love, and this includes video games. So today, we are looking at some of the best games we love to have and the games we hate to love. Do you have a least favorite game you can’t stand? Is there a game that everyone hates, but you think is good? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to give this video a like and like us on Facebook for more exciting gaming content right here on TheGamer.