9 Dark Secrets About Playstation You Had No Idea About


DARK PLAYSTATION SECRETS. If you’re like us you’re a fan of the juicy details and, as we all know, Playstation is one of the biggest brands in the world so they have to be full of dark secrets. And they didn’t disappoint.

This is TheGamer’s list of dark secrets about Playstation you had no idea about.


In your opinion, what was the best Playstation console?

Do you agree with console exclusive games or would you rather have a universal system where you could get any game you wanted?

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The console wars have been going on since the beginning of time...or at least since the beginning of consoles. What we have a hard time deciding is which one is the best.

We love them all and wish they didn’t have exclusive content, but how else would they get us to buy their consoles? All of this aside, let’s dish out the dirty deeds of Playstation and Sony because that’s why we’re all here.

Sony has been under fire for creating racist advertisements like the one they produced for the PSP in the Netherlands. They wanted to release a white color version of the PSP, but it turned out their advertisement was extremely racist so their entire campaign had to go in another direction.

Oh and then, there was the time the emails of executives were hacked and it was discovered, across the board, that women were making much less than their male counterparts. And not long after this discovery, they were in hot water yet again because a bunch of college students were forced into labor to create Playstation consoles in order to earn college credits and graduate from college.

Add to this fact the original PS3 consoles were prone to overheating and one even caught fire burning down a man’s residence. And we don’t even want to talk about the Playstation Phone or the PSX which both ended up just being major commercial failures...and expensive ones at that. So with all this being said, we still adore the Playstation console, but it’s kind of nice to know not everyone (or every company) is perfect.