9 Lies You Were Told About Playstation


PLAYSTATION LIES. Sony is arguably the greatest electronics company in the world. While they are adored by millions worldwide, a lot of PlayStation gamers may have no idea what they are talking about and fed lies that the public now believes as true.

This is TheGamer’s list of 9 lies you were told about PlayStation.


Do you agree with this list?

Are there any other PlayStation lies we may have missed?

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Since the dawn of video games, young gamers have whispered secrets on the schoolyard and spent long hours trying to explain their ridiculous video game theories and facts. Some kids heard their best friend's cousin caught Mew in the waters around Cinnabar Island in Pokemon Yellow while others were utterly convinced there was a secret way to find the Triforce in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Before the internet was a thing and gamers were able to band together to put their collective knowledge to good use with the ability to hack into games and parse their code to rule out the impossible, any schoolyard whisper could turn out to be the truth.

When it comes to Sony’s PlayStation, they’re not different. Even the most casual gamers could have believed some of the lies spreading through the community. Many gamers believe there is a mod in Tomb Raider that allows players to defrock Lara Croft and that Aeris from Final Fantasy VII can be revived, but it’s all a myth. You also cannot transform a bunch of PS2s into a missile guidance system or admit the PS Vita is a good handheld console. You think all PS4 games run in native 1080p 60fps and that the PlayStation VR is a gimmick? That’s ridiculous! What’s next? Do you also think there’s a kill switch built into PlayStations and that Sony’s going to release a new console to respond to Microsoft’s Xbox One X? Watch to see if any of these lies are true in our list of 9 lies you were told about PlayStation.