9 Simulator Games That Are Nothing Like Real Life


Regular video games aren’t interesting enough with their wars sans threat of violence and crimes sans threat of arrest so why not simulate mundane, real life activities? This is the future, right?

This is TheGamer's list of 10 simulator games that are nothing like real life.


Do you play any simulation games?

Which simulator games are your favorite?

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You know the saying about things coming full circle? Yeah, it applies to video games too, probably. When video games came out, they weren’t terribly groundbreaking when it came to the plot. You shot ducks because plastic guns are cheap and easy to make. You were a round yellow ball getting chased by ghosts probably because a yellow ball was easier to program than a fully functional humanoid. You were a plumber...kind of. Can Mario really be considered a plumber though? He probably lost his job with all the time spent screwing around in the Mushroom Kingdom. Who pays his union dues when he’s out fighting Bowser?

Anyway, when video games first came out they were ridiculously simplistic. Over time, videos games have morphed into some seriously cinematic universes with complicated gameplay and top of the line graphics. For awhile there, it seemed as though video game companies were stagnant. Here’s to the 300,000th installment in the Call of Duty Franchise which is probably yet another look at WWII. Leave it to video game companies to attempt to rewrite history.

Back to the point, video games have become massive undertakings. Any gamer can potentially do anything they could ever want to inside a video game without any real world repercussions. Sounds fun, right? Not always. Now that the video game industry has come so far, what else is there left to do? Oh, right, make video games that simulate the most random things. From being a goat to being a surgeon, there are video games to simulate pretty much anything you can imagine. The future is amazing!