EA Defense Of Star Wars Battlefront II Just Broke The Internet

EA Games is known for being somewhat seedy as a gaming company. They may produce some fan favorite games, but the company itself has practically zero fans. Is it because their games are complete trash? No, not entirely. It’s because EA Games has a knack for trying to squeeze every last cent out of their fanbase even if their business decisions do nothing to add to their games.

In the past, EA Games has tried out tactics such as forcing multiplayer when it adds nothing to the gaming experience, milking their most popular titles dry, massive PR stunts, gutting little studios to kill their competition, two year entitlement clauses and going hog wild with the banhammer on their forums which would effectively ban players from their games as well. In short, EA Games doesn’t really care about their gamers. EA Games just wants cash and they want it right now.

EA Games’ newest shakedown is taking place in the new Battlefront 2 release. If players thought they were going to be able to play their favorite characters right away, they’d be wrong. EA Games decided it was best to put some characters behind a paywall, effectively joining the dark side of microtransactions. Players can, however, unlock their favorite characters with a ridiculous amount of hours put into the game. Needless to say, EA Games rightfully faced some backlash on Reddit from one disgruntled gamer, but what really catapulted this to new levels of hatred was EA Games’ response which quickly became the most downvoted comment on Reddit. Way to go, EA!