Everything Wrong With Super Mario Odyssey In 12 Minutes Or Less

We have loved every minute of Super Mario Odyssey (don’t get us wrong it’s almost perfect) but there are some things we’d love to see changed and improved. After all, no one and no video game is perfect. If you don’t own a Switch by now then you probably won’t get to enjoy Super Mario Odyssey. Sorry to say but the Wii U is basically obsolete at this point.

How many artists does it take to make Super Mario Odyssey? Apparently, a lot who all had different ideas of what the kingdoms should look like. Collecting moons makes us nauseous because there are too many and no possible way to collect them all. If you have OCD, steer clear of them.

We like the Game Over screen but it looks like it’s game over for this classic in-game feature. Nintendo has decided to take it easy on us. Do you like Amiibos? So do we! We just don’t like the fact that we’ll need to spend almost 40 dollars for some temporary benefits for Super Mario Odyssey. Cappy may look sweet and innocent but it seems like he may have a darker side.

Where in the world is Luigi? We adore him, but he always seems to get the short end of the Nintendo joystick. If you defeated Bowser and you quit after, we don’t really blame you, but if you want a real challenge, keep going. Two words: motion controls. If you don’t know how to use them by now you should probably learn because they’ll come in handy while playing Super Mario Odyssey. Join us as we tear apart everything wrong with this Nintendo masterpiece!