Evolution Of Angry Gamers The Origins Of The Rage Quit

RAGE QUITS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING FOR DECADES. We have the technology now to capture some of the best rage quits, but the process has been happening for multiple generations of gamers.

This is The Gamer's Evolution Of Angry Gamers - The Origins Of The RAGE QUIT.


What's the funniest time you RAGE QUIT in a video game?

What type of gaming equipment have you broken from a rage?

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Losing at video games can conjure emotions you never thought you had. In one second, you’re happily playing and the next you’re ready to explode. Welcome to the world of RAGE QUITS. In recent years, rage quitting has gone viral on several occasions, but the evolution of angry gamers dates all the way back to the beginning of gaming. Take a journey with us to explore some of the craziest examples of rage quitting and how it has evolved over the years.

Rage quitting isn’t just for the living room. Back in the day, it included public forums like the classic arcade. Machines were kicked, people were kicked out and great memories were formed. As home consoles were introduced, so were short cords that made it easy to yank and practically destroyed our precious machines. Rage quitting was evolved from rage starting. As gaming consoles evolved, so did the need to add sidekicks to games. In the early 1990’s, raging gamers would torture sidekicks like Yoshi and Tails. Once discs were introduced, everything changed as we learned how far one could actually fly across the room. The early days of the internet didn’t include much video, but raging gamers were able to put their anger into words thanks to a ton of video game forums. The introduction of headsets completely changed the gaming world and allowed us to express our frustrations to others for the first time. Watch to see the whole evolution of angry gamers and learn the true origin of rage quits!