Far Cry Which Villain Is The Most Unhinged

THE BEST VILLAINS IN FAR CRY HISTORY. No video game series has had a better, more unhinged batch of villains than Far Cry. These baddies are usually equal parts cruel, charismatic, sexy and usually out for their own self interest.

This is TheGamer’s list of Unhinged Far Cry Villains.


- Which Far Cry villain is your favorite?

- Which is the worst?

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The first iconic enemy in the Far Cry series is the big baddie in Far Cry 2. He goes by the name of The Jackal. This mysterious character has ample opportunity to kill you, but he always lets you live. As you play through the game, his true plans are gradually revealed. It turns out, he’s not quite the evil overlord he seems to be. Even so, his scheme doesn’t end with you walking away alive.

Next up is Citra in Far Cry 3. Her arc goes the opposite way of The Jackal’s. She seems like a friend throughout most of the game. She sends you on missions and even sleeps with you while sending you on hallucinogenic drug trips. But by the end of the game, her true intentions come to light, and once again, you may not walk away with your life.

Hoyt is Far Cry 3’s most powerful villain. He runs weapons and slaves on the tropical island of the game’s setting. He also chops off your finger just for the fun of it during a poker game. Good thing you have a knife of your own.

Vaas may not have Hoyt’s power, but everyone knows he’s the real villain of Far Cry 3. A truly unhinged psychopath, Vaas toys with your life and the lives of your friends like a cat toying with trapped mice. You won’t get through this game without hearing about the definition of insanity.

Pagan Min runs the show in Far Cry 4. He’s a fashionable villain, one you could easily side with if you were of weaker will. He genuinely seems to care for you, even as you gradually dismantle his empire.

Far Cry 5 kicks off when Joseph Seed and his siblings start a militaristic cult and begin kidnapping the residents of Hope County, Montana. Can you lead the resistance and take back the people’s land? It won’t be easy.