Games That Will You Get You In More Trouble Than Logan Paul

There are a lot of Youtube stars out there who have got in trouble. Whether it be saying something controversial, or pulling a prank that made people scratch their heads- Youtube is no stranger to consistent controversy. But in comes Logan Paul! He is known for his nuts Vines and music videos, but recently he took things way too far. One trip to the forest in Japan changed his life forever. We are here today to make sure you don’t get in trouble like Logan Paul did- and we’re sure his brother Jake Paul is afraid as well. When you are a gamer there are a lot of ways to get in trouble too. But this video isn't about cheating or illegal mods. It’s about the video games you can play that will get you in MORE trouble than Logan Paul. Some games have a negative stigma to them because of greed, like Star War Battlefront II. Some games are just downright creepy like Night Trap for Sega CD. And some are lowest of the low troublesome like Dirty Chinese Restaurant. All we know for sure is that you should avoid these games no matter what! That is, unless you want to get in trouble like Logan Paul! A dab won’t save you this time!