Happy 16th Birthday Gamecube Tribute Video


It may be crazy to think about, but the Nintendo Gamecube has turned 16 years old. Originally released in 2001, the console has gone on to have great success and be beloved by dedicated Nintendo fans all around the globe.

There were a lot of great things about the Gamecube that people loved. The console design itself was unique, featuring a cube, mini-discs and all types of different color schemes. The launch game was Luigi’s Mansion, but one of the scariest games released for the console was probably Resident Evil 4. The controller design was perfected and still used for Nintendo consoles today. The analog sticks, C-stick and easy trigger access make them so easy to use and enjoy. It was the games that made a huge difference for the console. Titles like Metroid Prime, Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Mario Sunshine were all big hits. The Gamecube also featured a number of fighting games including WWE Day of Reckoning and Super Smash Bros. Melee. The high-powered performance of the Gamecube helped these games run and perform extremely well. The Gamecube also had Easter eggs in the form of the opening menu music. Secret sounds could be played depending on the controller button that was pressed. Adventure games were huge and the Legend of Zelda helped showcase this with multiple releases including some updated Gamecube classics. The console still lives on today in numerous forms including an emulator on the original release of the Wii console. Watch to see our tribute to the Nintendo Gamecube!