How Many Kids Does Bowser Actually Have?


BOWSER IS A FAMILY MAN. The evil Koopa has spent years causing trouble, but between this time he has been a doting father. The confusing part is trying to figure out exactly how many children he has.

Who is your favorite Koopaling? Are you happy they’re back in the franchise? What do you think of Bowser’s crazy family tree? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Bowser may be the ultimate villain in the Super Mario series, but the big and evil Koopa also has a heart. This is why, despite having evil intentions, it’s hard to ignore how much of a family man Bowser really is. Through the years, we’ve been introduced to a number of family members, but what characters are actually his children?!

Diving deep into Mario’s history, the answer is actually a little more complicated than you think. There are numerous character introductions, story changes and adaptations people are unaware off. This is why it may be confusing to the average Super Mario fan as to who Bowser’s children actually are. By breaking down history and looking at games, we may get some clear answers. Bowser’s parents are not really talked about in the series, but there is a Magikoopa who raises him and serves as the best father-figure for Bowser. The idea of Bowser’s children is also debated by the fact that there is no love interest for him to have children with. This may seem complicated, but is a common part of Super Mario lore. The Koopalings were first introduced in Super Mario 3 and were originally known to be Bowser’s children, especially on the animated television shows known as Super Mario World and the Adventures of Super Mario 3. The Koopalings disappeared and years later, they would make a huge comeback on the Wii. Mix in the introductions of Bowser Jr. and the story of Bowser’s children is a little more complicated than intended. Watch to see how many kids Bowser actually has.