Nintendo Labo The Cardboard Video Game You Never Knew Your Life Was Missing


Nintendo often pushes out innovative products from the Virtual Boy to their Amiibo line, but innovative doesn’t necessarily mean useful.

This is The Gamer's first look at the Nintendo Labo: The Cardboard Video Game You Never Knew Your Life Was Missing.


Will you be buying the Nintendo Labo?

Is the Nintendo Labo just another Nintendo Gimmick?

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Oh, Nintendo! The Japanese based video game company that’s well known for churning out family friendly video game content. Ok, so they’re also well known for creating unique products to use in conjunction with their consoles and handheld systems. However, they’re not well known for creating useful accessories or maintaining said accessories after releasing them to the public. Stunted Wii U game library, anyone?

From the Virtual Boy to the Power Glove, Nintendo is constantly pushing boundaries when it comes to creating new accessories for their product line. Both of the above examples are dismal failures, however, and are frequently listed on lists of Nintendo fails. In fact, the company itself makes so many well intentioned missteps that they’re frequently the butt of jokes and the subject of numerous memes across the internet. We’ve got to hand it to Nintendo, however, for allegedly pushing this deep, down in their collective conscience and continuing to create strange products that nobody ever wanted.

Currently, Nintendo’s latest venture, aka the attempt to outright kill their success with the Switch, is selling their fans cardboard. While the cardboard can be used in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch, it’s pretty pointless. It’s like putting racing stripes on your shoes in an attempt to run faster. Then there’s the ridiculous price range for what is essentially Martha Stewart’s foray into the video game industry. Sure, this will probably entertain kids for about 10 minutes before they move onto something else. Quit screwing around with cardboard, Nintendo, and give us Animal Crossing on the Switch.