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10 Hardest Things To Kill In Video Games

UNBEATABLE ENEMIES IN VIDEO GAMES. There are some enemies and bosses in video games that are challenging, but doable. There are other foes who take so much effort to defeat, you’re better off putting the controller down and playing a different game.

Fortnite Secrets The Game Doesn't Tell You

DESCRIPTION: Fortnite is a blast that’s undeniable.But there are certain things in Battle Royale that the game doesn’t tell you. That’s why we at TheGamer have Fortnite tips for you and Fortnite secre...

5 Game Boy Clones Better Than The Original

DESCRIPTION: Nintendo consoles regularly kill it- but there HAVE been a few missteps. Virtual Boy, anyone? But when they released the Game Boy there was tons of hype. Somehow, someway, even though the...

10 Most Disturbing Moments In Mario Games

MOMENTS IN MARIO GAMES THAT AREN’T SO FAMILY FRIENDLY. The Mario franchise is known for being as family friendly as they come, but there have been some truly disturbing moments in Mario history.

5 Forgotten Characters Nintendo Replaced

You know, sometimes Nintendo doesn’t hit it out of the park... There are forgotten Nintendo characters, replaced Nintendo characters, who only existed for a short period of time and then poof! They di...

Terrible Harry Potter Games That Belong In Azkaban

It’s been years since the last Harry Potter book came out, but now we have the Fantastic Beasts books and movies to read and look forward too. There will probably be video games to play about Newt Sc...

Far Cry Which Villain Is The Most Unhinged

THE BEST VILLAINS IN FAR CRY HISTORY. No video game series has had a better, more unhinged batch of villains than Far Cry. These baddies are usually equal parts cruel, charismatic, sexy and usually out for their own self interest.

What Majoras Mask Teaches About Grief

MAJORA’S MASK AND THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF. The Legend of Zelda has tackled a lot of issues and has referenced great works of art, culture and literature. However, Majora’s Mask has always been the bl...

The ABC's Of Super Mario Odyssey

SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY IS ONE OF THE BEST MARIO ADVENTURES YET. Mario explores whole new worlds and takes Cappy along for an amazing ride across multiple Kingdoms!

The ABC's Of Battlefield 5

BATTLEFIELD WILL RETURN. After the release of Battlefield 1, the fifth official entry in the series, fans are eagerly awaiting a new entry...

The ABC's Of Fallout 5

FALLOUT 5 IS COMING. The massive success of Fallout 4 has all but guaranteed the release of Fallout 5. Other than the title, fans have been speculating on news and rumors about the game for months!

FORTNITE: 3 Important Things You Totally Missed

DESCRIPTION: Fortnite Battle Royale is blowing up more than the rockets you shoot. More than the Hand Cannon, Minigun, and Boogie Bomb combined. But before you go and try to survive the storm, there a...

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