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10 Moments When Video Games Saved Lives

Video games are one of the fastest growing entertainment products in human history. In just under 50 years, they have taken over popular culture and are now a multi-billion dollar industry. Video game...

Best Halloween Season Game Updates

While every gamer clearly has their favorite video game franchise, playing the same game for months straight can become tedious and even boring. After every side quest has been completed and every loo...

Awful Video Games That Made Shocking Amounts Of Money

Video games have been disappointing us for as long as we can remember. We’re still wondering how we keep being convinced otherwise. Anyone who went through the Candy Crush Saga addiction knows it’s pr...

10 GTA 5 Glitches That Make The Game So Much Better

Welcome back to The Gamer. Today, we are looking at Grand Theft Auto 5, but instead of looking at the normal gameplay, we’re going to be rounding up best glitches that make the game so much better to play.

The Best Cuphead Rage Quits

Cuphead was a long awaited video game. First announced at E3 2014, gamers were eager to get their hands on this side scrolling, run and gun, adventure game. With the impressive soundtrack and the thro...

10 Things Luigi Can Do That Mario Can't

Luigi, the Green Mario, the green machine. He has been pushed to the side and swept under the rug so many times, it has become its own tired joke in the Nintendo fandom. However, if we were to look at...

10 Video Games That Troll You For Playing On Easy

Sometimes, we have to make a difficult decision when games get too hard to play. The developers definitely don’t make that decision any easier by trolling us for playing on “easy mode”. In this video ...

10 Minecraft Mods Better Than The Actual Game

When playing vanilla Minecraft, it is already a great game with things to do for hours and hours. Adding mods to the game turns it into an unforgettable game featuring crazy things to do, new ways to play and all types of adventures to explore.

10 Secret Game Over Screens That Were Pure Genius

Getting game over is never fun when playing your favorite game. You have to restart the mission, go through parts of levels again, and try to find a new way to avoid death. Through the years, video ga...

10 Xbox Fails Microsoft Wants You To Forget

Today, we take a look at the Xbox and all of its iterations, but we’re not looking for what you may expect. Nope, instead of looking at their accomplishments, we’re going to take a look at their biggest fails.

10 Video Games That Were Banned For Shocking Reasons

Censorship is a real hot button issue in the video game world right now. When developers are forced to alter the games to better suit the needs of the consumers in the video game industry, some gamers...

10 Biggest Video Game Myths That Most People Believe

Some people get enjoyment out of dipping cookies in milk and others enjoy turning entire fandoms into a frenzy searching for hidden objects in video games. Let’s be honest, we’ve all fallen for one of...

10 Minecraft Trolls Who Got What They Deserved

Welcome to 10 Minecraft Trolls who got what they deserved. Today, we take a look at trolls who finally got a little bit of justice, as well as specific ways you can get these trolls back with some justice of your own.

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