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5 Life Hacks That Every Gamer Needs To Know

Gamers have figured out a ton of ingenious ways to cheat the system a little bit. Not REALLY cheating, like breaking the game, but making things just a little bit easier. Whether it be secrets, hidden...


5 Unfairest Boss Battles In Gaming

Nintendo has built up final bosses since the arcade games. But once we got into the NES and Super Nintendo, a lot more power could be put behind these bad guys. That’s why sometimes when they were IMP...


10 Ways Gaming Is Better Than Dating

VIDEO GAMES ARE AMAZING. Video games and girlfriends are both totally awesome things and, if we had to choose between the two, we would obviously pick video games. Some video games might be terrible, ...


3 Incredible Ways Video Games Hack Your Brain

WE’RE IN YOUR MIND, MAAAAAAN. Everyone knows that video games are a great way to kick back and enjoy yourself, but there’s more going on in your gaming session than meets the eye. What if we told you ...


7 Lies You Were Told About XBOX

XBOX LIES YOU WERE TOLD. Xbox and Playstation have been vying for the top spot in the console wars, but it’s pretty hard to decide between the two when we all know PC gaming is better. Okay, we’re jok...


10 Things Vegeta Can Do That Goku Can't

Dragon Ball FighterZ is just around the corner and we’re ready to launch ki blasts at our friends all day. One of the most beloved characters in the franchise is Vegeta, who often gets overshadowed by...

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