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10 Explicit Video Games That Show The Most Skin

It’s hard to believe that video game forbearers like Atari, Nintendo and Gameboy reigned in the last 30 or 40 years, given how they represent a technology entirely foreign to any modern video game lov...


The Most Unusual Gamers In The World

If you’ve followed our videos for any length of time then you know we love to look at anything and everything that’s shocking, hilarious, terrifying and just plain dumb. We also enjoy tackling the unu...


Video Game Records That Are Impossible To Break

Do you remember your Super Mario Bros. High score? We can pretty much guarantee these people do. Whether they're going big, spending big, or just demolishing previous records like the Reapers in the M...


10 Mind Blowing Games That Will RUIN YOUR LIFE!

From Tetris to The Legend of Zelda and beyond, some video games are just harder to put down than others. Whether due to great gameplay, constant updates, or a thriving community of players, these titl...


10 Epic Video Game Cutscenes That Blew Our Minds

Nothing sets the stage for video game action like a great cutscene. Cutscenes add interest, make `us more invested in the characters of our favorite games, and help fill in the gaps when regular gamep...


10 Video Game Bosses Who Are Almost Unbeatable

From Indalecio, the final boss of Star Ocean: The Second Story, to the brutal surprise of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne's Matador fight, tough boss battles have a way of turning casual players into ser...

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