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10 Nintendo Games That Need A Sequel

NINTENDO SEQUELS. Nintendo loves releasing sequels and spin-offs to some of their most popular franchises, but there have been numerous titles ignored through the years.


The Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Z Origins Explained

Out of all the animes in the world, Dragon Ball is up there with being the most recognizable and iconic. Maybe you were playing the FighterZ Beta not too long ago, whether you’re a casual fan or a lon...


8 Xbox Hoaxes You Won't Believe People Fell For

MYTHS AND LIES: In the pre-internet age, people were laughably naive and gullible. Now, even though we have computers in our pockets, we are still just as naive when it comes to hoaxes, myths and lies...


9 Lies You Were Told About Playstation

PLAYSTATION LIES. Sony is arguably the greatest electronics company in the world. While they are adored by millions worldwide, a lot of PlayStation gamers may have no idea what they are talking about ...


10 Battlefield 5 Rumors That Will Blow You Away

BATTLEFIELD 5 RUMORS. EA DICE produces a new Battlefield game every two years and, with Battlefield 1 entering its second year, fans are already looking forward to the next installment in the series a...


10 Real Women Who Look Photoshopped

From magazine covers to most celebrity social media posts, we are bombarded with images that have been edited beyond belief. Obviously this can create problems. First off, we get a false sense of the ...


10 Most Embarrassing Golden Globe Moments Ever

Ah, the red carpet. When it comes to the big nights in Hollywood, the Golden Globes are considered to be amongst the most elite awards in the business next to the Oscars and Emmys. Celebrities get dre...

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