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10 Lies You Were Told About Nintendo

NINTENDO LIES. Nintendo is arguably the greatest video game company in the world. While they are adored by millions worldwide, a lot of those fans may have no idea what they are talking about and fed ...


10 Dark Secrets You Never Knew About KIRBY

KIRBY MAY LOOK INNOCENT. But once you dive deep into his Nintendo history, you’ll realize the little puffball has a lot of pretty dark secrets. A violent past, mysterious enemies and some crazy secret...


10 Sims 5 Rumors That Will Blow You Away

OUR SIMS 5 WISHLIST AND SOME RUMORS SURROUNDING THE GAME. The Sims has had a pretty successful run with EA and Maxis and it might just well be one of their most popular games, which is why The Sims 5 ...


10 Popular Video Games That Luigi Broke Into

Luigi has always lived in Mario’s shadow, which is odd because he is the taller brother. He can also jump higher and run faster than his shorter, more famous brother, yet we see Mario plastered all ov...


10 Bosses So Impossibly Hard They Ruin The Game

What game doesn’t have a boss fight? Bosses have been emblematic of video games since the 80s and 90s, but as the industry has become more cinematic in recent years, ending the game on a defining mome...


10 Biggest Video Game Fails Of 2017

2017 WAS THE YEAR OF GAMING: New consoles, Mario back to form and a great gaming community has led to an awesome year...but there were many fails along the way. Some games were busts, developers made...

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