Rage Cage - Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the most popular games currently available. With the overall popularity of Blizzard and first person shooters, it makes sense that this game would rise to the top as one of the newest shooters. It’s both fun and competitive while being somewhat familiar to anyone who is used to first person shooters of the similar titles.

Of course, when games become popular they also become competitive. With competition comes the drive to become one of the best and while some players have fantastic attitudes while they crawl through the ranks to become the best, that’s not a given with all players. More often than not, there are quite a few players that suffer from rage issues. Whether it’s a misplay that sends them over the edge or their own teammates, one thing is for certain: most players can count on running across a salty player at least once in their gaming career. In fact, the toxic communities of online gaming have become a joke in and of themselves.

While most salty players are just a small annoyance (RIP, headphone users), some of them fly off the handle so much that it’s distracting and their bad attitude starts to tilt other players whether they like it or not. Fortunately, most players can laugh off these rage filled players and even get some entertainment out of their poor impulse control while still managing to play and win the game. Here’s to all the salty, rage filled players that entertain the rest of us.