The ABC's Of Battlefield 5

BATTLEFIELD WILL RETURN. After the release of Battlefield 1, the fifth official entry in the series, fans are eagerly awaiting a new entry...

This is TheGamer's A to Z list of Battlefield 5. We’ll cover all the rumors and fan request related to the game series.


What feature do you want to see most in the next Battlefield game?

What era do you think the game should take place in?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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The EA Battlefield series has a massive fan base and for good reason. The first-person shooter offer great stories, incredible multiplayer and really puts you in the soldier's shoes. With the release of Battlefield 1, the World War 1 gameplay brought the series back to its roots while still featuring state of the art graphics and designs. As rumors spread about a potential sequel, fans are already gearing up to purchase the game when it hits stores.

In this ABC list, we cover everything in Battlefield including rumored wars, features we want back and ways to improve the game. There’s one thing you can count on and that is the game’s release in the fall of 2018, barring any delays. Weather will be experienced in whole new ways including blizzards, tornadoes and natural disasters. These elements add to the realistic nature of war and unpredictable battles. The destruction in Battlefield is great because once things fall apart, they stay destroyed. An extended campaign mode focuses on single-player action and will follow the stories of multiple soldiers. In Battlefield, you may get the chance to play on enemy lines and fight against the United States if you chose. Like many next generation games, the newest edition of Battlefield will feature full 4K graphics along with HDR quality. The Battlefield game runs on the Frostbite gaming engine to help support AI players and the insane graphics. Watch to see all of the entries in the A to Z of Battlefield 5.