The ABC's Of Fallout 5

FALLOUT 5 IS COMING. The massive success of Fallout 4 has all but guaranteed the release of Fallout 5. Other than the title, fans have been speculating on news and rumors about the game for months!

This is The Gamer's A to Z list of Fallout 5 news and rumors.


What do you want to see in Fallout 5?

What improvements from Fallout 4 would you like to see in the game?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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The Fallout series continues to impress gamers with the unique story, quests, and, of course, Vault Boy. Fallout 4 was officially released in 2015 and fans are eagerly awaiting another installment of the futuristic game. Follow our A to Z list to see what the future is like for Fallout 5 and the features most gamers want to see.

Behind the scenes, writers like Chris Avellone provided incredible content for Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. Rumors spread the acclaimed writer was coming back on board for work in some capacity. Bethesda is the company behind Fallout and all signs point to them working on Fallout 5 and announcing something soon. One of the biggest criticisms in the game is the dialogue and lack of actions for players. A complete overhaul in this department can help dramatically improve gameplay. The 50’s theme and design elements of Fallout will likely stay around so get ready to enjoy more Nuka-Cola. Ghouls are a common enemy found in Fallout and enhanced graphics have made them look even more ghoulish. VR headsets may be the future of the game series, especially after the success of Fallout 4 VR. New Orleans, San Francisco and a return to New Vegas have all been rumored locations for the future game. A number of weapons will likely return, including the UP77 and the unfortunate Zeta Gun. One of the main features most gamers are looking for is the inclusion of online play. Fallout Online could completely change the way the game is played and introduce a number of new elements. Watch to see the whole collection of Fallout 5 ABC’s.