The ABC's Of Sims 5


THE SIMS 5 IS COMING. Rumors have been swirling for months and it’s only a matter of time before EA announces the newest version of The Sims.

This is TheGamer's ABC’s of Sims 5.


What's the biggest feature you want in the game?

What other features is Sims 4 missing?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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New Sims games are released every 4 to 5 years and each one comes with a ton of fanfare, excitement and multiple ways to play. As Sims 4 rolls out on next-generation consoles, it’s time to gear up for Sims 5 with an A to Z list of rumors, features and game enhancements we desperately want to see. The Sims 5 is going to have improved graphics and hopefully improved aging along with it. It’s time to fill the gap between ages and present some more true-to-life gaming.

Buildings had a big overhaul in Sims 4, but there’s even more that can be done including expanded lots and the ability to build houses from scratch. Along with homes, we want to see vehicles come back into the game. More cars and bikes for players to explore with. Clothing features should include the ability to try-on items and a large expansion of clothes without the need for mods or additional installations. One of the more advanced features may be the ability to view your home in VR and explore it like you’re an actual Sim. The Sim characters will continue to chat in Simlish and spend their Simoleons. There will likely be a deluxe edition of the game along with SEVERAL expansion packs to change the way everything is played. EA games has always planned out a lot of fun expansions, including the free holiday upgrade for the Sims 4. Watch to see from A to Z and learn a little more about the Sims 5.