The ABC's Of Super Mario Odyssey

SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY IS ONE OF THE BEST MARIO ADVENTURES YET. Mario explores whole new worlds and takes Cappy along for an amazing ride across multiple Kingdoms!

This is TheGamer's A to Z list of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch!


What's your favorite part of Super Mario Odyssey?

What is your favorite Mario costume found in the game?

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Super Mario Odyssey landed on the switch and is an instant hit for the console. Players can explore multiple Kingdoms as Mario and celebrate the franchise’s long history through multiple aspects of the game. Our A to Z guide covers everything in the game and showcases what makes Super Mario Odyssey so great.

One of the biggest changes is Mario’s ability to wear all types of different costumes and hats. This is all because of Mario’s newest sidekick Cappy. Mario avoids the wrath of the Koopalings to take on a group of wedding planners known as the Broodals. New Donk City is one of the primary locations featured in the game and has a ton of different areas to explore. Mario also meets up with a dog that can dig up power moons and loves to play fetch. Princess Peach is back again, but this time she has a magical tiara along with her. Finding hidden moons is a huge part of the game and, thankfully, there are hundreds to discover throughout the various kingdoms. Goombas have found their female counterpart in the form of Goombette. The Luncheon Kingdom pits players against large pieces of food and Goombas wearing chef hats. Multiple parts of the game feature quiz questions Mario can answer to win a power moon. Other mini-games include volleyball, RC racing and jump rope competitions. Take a ride on the wild animal known as the Jaxi. Watch to see the ultimate ABC guide to Super Mario Odyssey!