The Most Unusual Gamers In The World

If you’ve followed our videos for any length of time then you know we love to look at anything and everything that’s shocking, hilarious, terrifying and just plain dumb. We also enjoy tackling the unusual. When you think of video games, there really isn’t that much that’s unusual – on the surface. Since the 1980s, household gaming has been a pretty usual thing for people to do, what with Atari and Coleco Vision becoming two of the hottest consoles. Most of you reading this likely had some form of console in your house growing up. Depending on your age, it could have been an Atari 2600, a Nintendo Entertainment System or one of the Playstation and Xbox releases which have come to dominate the landscape. Today gaming continues to be huge with nearly 2 billion people playing on a regular basis.

Naturally, with so many people playing video games, there are going to be some interesting participants. Sure most are males and mostly in their 20s and 30s, but the number of women isn’t that far off at all. It also turns out people of every age and every background take part in gaming. This has led to some rather unusual gamers around the globe. From people with various disabilities to those you wouldn’t think would game to those who probably shouldn’t be gaming at all, we think you’ll agree that these gamers qualify as strange, bizarre or unusual.