Top 10 coolest things you can build in minecraft


The creativity that goes into Minecraft is unlike any other game before it. The open worlds, creative use of blocks, and wide selection of skins allows players to create virtually anything. Through the years, there have been some absolutely amazing creations uploaded online. Not only are these creations something to truly marvel at, but you can make them in the game or download the completed maps to add in your own personal touches.

Among the highlights is a whole world based on Sonic the Hedgehog. Race through the level inspired by the original game. A bunch of dedicated Game of Thrones fans created an accurately detailed version of King’s Landing. There are also a number of Lord of the Rings fans that made the whole Minas Tirith, which was featured in the Return of the King. Explore a replica of Jurassic Park and the upgraded park featured in Jurassic World. Each design features a number of details from the movies. Minecraft can also be used to create all kinds of plants and one GIANT tree with hidden tunnels located throughout it. Disney has been mixing with Minecraft for years, but nothing is quite like the replica DisneyLand that can be made in the game. Classic games have also been made into new maps and content. This includes a full adventure based off the Legend of Zelda. The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be dominating the box office, but it has also found itself invading Minecraft with a ton of different creations and designs based off of those movies.