Top 5 Cringiest Video Game Easter Eggs Ever


Part of the fun, when playing videos games, is finding hidden Easter eggs throughout the game. Whether it’s funny, cringy, or a nod to another facet of pop culture, video game Easter eggs have become a staple of the industry.

This is The Gamer’s list of the Top 5 Cringiest Video Game Easter Eggs Ever. What’s the cringiest video game Easter egg you’ve ever found? Let us know in the comments section below!


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In video games, Easter Eggs are typically a fun surprise for gamers. The entire point is to either recognize a facet of pop culture or to reward hardcore gamers for playing the game so thoroughly. Everyone loves discovering Easter Eggs in any video game that they’re playing because, oftentimes, it’s like a secret between the game developers and the gamer. Most Easter Eggs are fairly harmless. They’re a recreation of a popular meme or movie scene. They can be a nod to an older title in the same franchise or just a funny joke that most players will get once they run across it.

Sometimes, however, these jokes may fall flat. What seemed like a good idea to developers at the time may not go over so well with the fans. Either these Easter Eggs are just ill timed, poorly thought out, or just plain ridiculous. Occasionally, these Easter Eggs are just plain weird. Sure, some gamers may find them funny, but others may find them simply irritating. Nevertheless, these cringe worthy Easter Eggs did happen and while some of them are kind of funny, we can’t help but think that the developers could’ve spent their time more efficiently.

After all, it isn’t easy to create a video game so putting in so many hours on what is, essentially, a joke seems somewhat pointless. However, some of these Easter Eggs, no matter how ridiculous, have become somewhat famous in pop culture. Sometimes something is so cringe worthy, it’s hard to look away and it takes on a life of its own as a meme. Here are the top 5 cringiest video game Easter eggs ever.